Publication Type: Journal Article

A Survey of the Connected Vehicle Landscape?Architectures, Enabling Technologies, Applications, and Development Areas

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“Real-time Deep Neural Networks for internet-enabled arc-fault detection”

"Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence", "74": 35—42, "2018"
"Joshua E. Siegel and Shane Pratt and Yongbin Sun and Sanjay E. Sarma"
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Value in vehicles: economic assessment of automotive data

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Merging safety and cybersecurity analysis in product design

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Pointgrow: Autoregressively learned point cloud generation with self-attention

arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.05591, 2018
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The Tallest Column: On Monetary Value of Stature in Jewish Law

{journal}, 2018
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Cognitive Protection Systems for the Internet of Things

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A Cognitive Protection System for IoT

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